Interact with Africa

Walk through Africa

Wheeling High School’s Interact with Africa Club once again hosted Walk through Africa, an interactive experience designed to teach other students about the similarities and differences of Wheeling students and Angolan students. The members of the Interact with Africa Club learn about Angola and then design presentations to share with other students during passing periods and lunch in the hallway. Each presentation area has posters displaying statistics about life in the United States and in Angola. The club hopes to both educate and raise funds for RISE schools. Each student who participated in the Walk through Africa received a handout highlighting the areas of the presentation and learned about the various aspects of life in Angola: Food and Water, Education and Home Life. In the Education area, students were shown typical school supplies in Angola (a notepad and pencil) and then a package of a US student’s supplies showing crayons, markers, binders, notepads, pens, pencils, scissors, glue and more. In the Home Life area, students had the chance to carry water jugs and see the chores and responsibilities of a typical Angolan student. And, in the Food and Water section, students learned about malnutrition and the realities of not having clean water. We are grateful to Wheeling High School and all schools that work with us to raise awareness about how education improves health and empowers children. If you want to get your school involved, learn more here!

World Literacy Summit

World Literacy Summit

On their way to Angola, Lynn and Rachel Cole will be attending the World Literacy Summit in Oxford. Delegates will collaborate, share ideas, learn and be united to close the global literacy gap in the 21st century. The Summit provides a platform for debate, discussion, and sharing of knowledge between some of the world’s most ardent literacy and educational leaders, institutions, organizations and pioneers. 

Investment in Angola

ExxonMobil Foundation Presentation 2018

Adriano Huambo, RISE Angola Country Director, participated in an event announcing ExxonMobil Foundation’s investment in Angola for 2018. As part of a broader investment in the country, ExxonMobil Foundation has partnered with RISE International and Educate A Child, a global program of Education Above All Foundation, to support the construction of 25 primary schools, increasing education access to provide much-needed facilities for more than 24,000 out of school children.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

Rachel Cole, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, is in Angola to conduct registration interviews with students and parents over the next month at Cambanda, Sope and Njele. As part of our partnership with Educate A Child, a program of Education Above All Foundation, and ExxonMobil, enrollment, attendance and retention data for 24,000 individual students will be tracked, and two schools are currently under construction!

One MORE Reason to Give

While we focus on sending 24,000 MORE students to school in Angola, we also celebrate EACH child who represents one more reason to give to RISE. You can see six stories of students in Angola on our Facebook and Instagram accounts over the next two weeks. 

Kindergarten Coin Drive

RISE visited Northside Catholic Academy to talk to two kindergarten classes. Lynn showed photos and videos, answered questions and taught a few Portuguese words ending with two hands-on experiences for the students: 1) carrying water jugs 2) mashing corn. As a follow-up, the students are hosting a coin drive.


Celebrating its sixth year, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season by using social media and collaboration to spread the word about organizations doing work around the world. We are grateful to be focusing energy today on children in Angola who want to attend school. Learn more about how to participate…

Travel to Angola

Executive Director, Lynn Cole and Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Rachel Cole, are currently traveling in Angola. They have had the opportunity to meet with Esso, BP and the US Ambassador, visit a new well at Unguengue, and witness the laying of the first stone at Sope in Cubal!

Fall Benefit 2017

Friends and supporters of RISE joined us on November 4, 2017, at the Evanston Art Center for our annual benefit. We were excited to unveil the opportunity to send MORE kids in Angola to school. Thanks for all who were involved! If you couldn’t attend, you may still donate here.

Brewery Tour 2017

Brewery Tour 2017

Participants in the Brewery Tour enjoyed a beautiful day visiting Sketchbook and Begyle Breweries. Thanks to all involved who are helping give kids in Angola the chance to go to school! See more…