the RISE team

Left to right: Lynn Cole, Adriano Huambo, Eduardo Antonio, Bernardo Capeio, Martinho Evaristo, Fernando Leonardo

Lynn Cole
Executive Director, RISE International
Lynn is the Executive Director of RISE International and Ex-Officio member of the Board of Directors. She first traveled to Angola with her husband Andrew in 1998 to celebrate their 25th anniversary, and was forever impacted by the experience. Andrew and Lynn led mission teams to Namibia, Zambia and Angola and co-founded the African Refugee Committee, now called RISE International. Lynn has a background in residential general construction, retail sales and management. She and Andrew are the parents of four children, who also have a deep love for the Angolan people. Since Andrew’s untimely death in 2004, Lynn remains committed and passionate, moving the work and vision of RISE forward.

Adriano Huambo
Country Director, Benguela Provincial Director, RISE Angola
Adriano was named “Ongende” at birth, but needed a Portuguese name to enroll in school, so became “Adriano”. While a boy, Adriano went to pick mangoes one day, and troops entered their village and killed his father. The family endured years of hunger, moving often with his wife and children to avoid the fighting. Blows to his head by militiamen left him blind in one eye and in poor health for many years. They moved to Osire Refugee Camp in Namibia in 2000, where involvement with RISE began. Adriano is the father of eight children, and is a teacher and businessman. Returning to Angola with his family in 2004, he has been part of the RISE Executive Team overseeing the work in the Benguela Province. Adriano serves as the RISE Angola Country Director.

Bernardo Capeio Adelino
Bie Provincial Director, RISE Angola
Bernardo is a husband and father of seven girls. As a pastor, he remained in Kuito during the war, while his wife and children fled to the bush. A man of character, he felt convicted to stay because he could not leave those he was leading. They were hungry for months and years, eating leaves. Living in bunkers as the city was bombed, God was their refuge. He witnessed the death of many friends and found life during the war to be a bitter experience and test of his faith. Bernardo is a respected and committed pastor, leading a large church in Kuito with involvement in many surrounding villages. He has been an integral part of RISE in Angola since 2003, casting vision, developing relationships and partnerships, with a passion for helping people, for education and for children.

Board of Directors 2024

Lynn Cole
Executive Director
RISE International

Rachel Yantis
Director of Strategy & Client Experience, Advocate Creative

Lora Pirzynski
Occupational Therapist, Retired

Bain Rumohr
Senior Director, Fitch Ratings, Inc. 

David Hovis
Teacher, Carleton Washburne School

Jen Kaiser
Director, Marketing / Donor Engagement
Vice President, Client Experience, Goodway Group

Mike Yantis
Director, Website / Digital Media
E-Commerce Director, Wilson Sporting Goods