• Tucson students
    Run a race with friends
  • Wheeling HS
    Get your school involved
  • Cheer for Team RISE
    Cheer for Team RISE
  • Organize a fundraising event

get involved

Together we can make a difference. Take action today and give a child the chance to go to school!

 raise awareness – read, learn, share, volunteer  •  organize a fundraiser around something you love – running, golfing, biking
  give a gift with lasting meaning for an anniversary, graduation or birthday  •  look at your spending – skip a dinner out to help a child

“Our community is the world – our countrymen are all mankind.”

William Lloyd Garrison

learn about poverty, hunger, education educate yourself and others
Start a book group

Send an email, invite a group of friends or co-workers to read a book. Gather for dessert and discussion.

Watch a movie and have a discussion

Invite friends to a movie showing and discussion. Serve popcorn. Talk about reactions to the film.

give a gift for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or to a special teacher

Looking for a unique and meaningful gift idea, one with lasting impact? Make a donation to RISE in honor of a teacher, co-worker, friend, or family member and help a child go to school!  

help send a child to school!




Give our children’s book…  Ana from Angola goes to school … to kids, parents and teachers.

The book shows similarities and differences in schools around the world, teaches school-related Portuguese words, and helps build compassion by giving kids a way to take action.  

Book cost is $10 and a donation can be made in any amount you choose.

Contact us at rise@riseinternational.org with your mailing address and questions.