cost and return

What does it cost?

The cost of a school varies depending on the number of classrooms, generally 6 to 8, based on the number of out-of-school children in the area and the needs of the community. There has been an increase in cost as a result of significant inflation and price increases on materials.

→   Cost per child = $500
→   Cost per classroom = $50,000
→   Cost per school = school budget established per site

ROI – What is the return on investment?

Each classroom accommodates about 50 students, and there are generally two shifts a day. The cost is to get the school built, but children will be in those classrooms for the next 25 or 30 years, which breaks down to about $20 per year to give a child access to education – an amazing return on investment.

Raising funds



We are currently raising funds to build a school at Lalula, in the Huila Province, to give 1000 children access to education. 

  • Our Angolan team casts vision, identifies the location and oversees the process
  • Materials are purchased and delivered
  • The building team works to construct the school
  • The community participates, carrying water, stone and materials
  • The government delivers books, desks and chalkboards
  • There is a dedication, celebration and immense gratitude
  • The Ministry of Education hires and pays the teachers
  • Kids go to school, this year and every year!

our process

→   1.   RISE Angola leaders cast the vision
→   2.   We raise money in the U.S. and once we have enough for a school, the funds are wired to Angola
→   3.   Our Angolan team identifies the location, gives oversight, keeps records, purchases and delivers building materials
→   4.   The building team works to construct the school
→   5.   The community participates, establishing local ownershp
→   6.   The government provides books, desks and chalkboards
→   7.   There is a dedication, celebration and immense gratitude
→   8.   The school is turned over to the community and Ministry of Education, who hires and pays the teachers

Kids go to school and have the opportunity for education!