education matters

Education → improves health.

Literate children are healthier children and so are their families. The ability to read is key to lowering child mortality, and allows one to identify and dispense medication for easily treatable but dangerous conditions. Children who can read understand the importance of nutrition, clean water and hygiene, and more successfully avoid HIV AIDS and early pregnancy.

Education → gives freedom.

Education gives birth to vision and a desire for change. Children who attend school are more engaged in community issues, more apt to vote, take action and develop into leaders who tackle difficult problems that can impact the future of their country.

Education → empowers.

Educated children better understand their rights, are empowered to think critically, participate in society, advocate for themselves and their families, and are less likely to fall victim to exploitation including trafficking, forced labor and child soldiering.

Education → results in jobs.

Children who learn how to read and write – even at the primary level – are more qualified for better paying, higher level jobs in healthcare, teaching and business.