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1 in 6 children in Angola die before their 5th birthday, most from preventable causes

. . . of the rural population, only 28% have access to clean water, 19% have improved sanitation

Assessment of the Effect of Water Supply on Child Morbidity in Communities of Bie

RISE received a grant for a Validation Pilot Project as a result of being a finalist for the 2013 Caplow Children’s Prize. Infrastructure improvements, including clean water, play an enormous role in reducing child mortality, and RISE has drilled wells or tapped natural springs at 24 school sites to provide clean water in rural Angola. RISE has rich anecdotal data highlighting the impact of clean water on children’s health, but does not have information to quantify and validate that impact.

The grant has funded a small study to assess the impact of clean water on the health and mortality of children under age 5, in 6 villages near Kuito, where people go to a river for water. The project included a baseline survey from an independent group, which took place in June 2015. Wells were drilled in 3 of the villages in September 2015. One year later in July 2016, the endline survey was implemented and results are being assessed. One of the 3 control villages received a well in October 2016, and the other two were drilled in March. The communities are delighted and grateful. Involved in the project are Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and the CDC Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (FELTP). childrensprize.org/our-portfolio

Rotary Partnership – Water for Angolan Schools

The Wilmette Rotary Club, Wilmette, IL, partnered with other US Rotary Clubs to raise funds for two wells through Rotary International Global Grants. RISE is the NGO implementing partner, and the wells were drilled in 2016 by JAM, Joint Aid Management, at Cubal Koyaya, a school funded by 3 US schools and dedicated in 2008, and at the 4th of April school, in the Benguela Province. A local, in-country partner must be involved as the Host Club, and the Lobito Rotary Club has been excited to be that partner. In 2015, Lynn Cole and Adriano Huambo were able to share about RISE and the Rotary project with the Lobito Club, and celebrate Rotary International’s 110th Anniversary together!