Denda school

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June 2019
Dedication Year
February 2020
RISE International EAC - ExxonMobil Nharea Admin


An hour inland from the main pavement, on a rutted dirt road lined with tall dry grass, students came into view in the distance. They were in their white school uniforms waiting for us, singing and clapping in welcome. Denda is the place where Pastor Bernardo, one of our key leaders, grew up, and it was with great emotion that he recounted the story. A school in this remote village has only been a dream for many years. Parents, teachers, and community leaders joined the children to express joy and immense gratitude for the school, and gave the team bananas, beans, tangerines, avocados and a goat in thanks!

Visiting again in November 2019, the school was nearing completion and our greeting was once again overwhelming. Children were excited to sing and all looked forward to having a school for the first time at the start of the school year in February 2020. The school was dedicated on February 1st, amidst great celebration, and children are now in their new classrooms.

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Well drilled May 2021 - funded by Rotary

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