Lalula school

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Dedication Year
December 2023
RISE International


We are raising funds to help complete a school at Lalula, in the Huila Province. The population in the area is approximately 8,500 inhabitants, with hundreds of children in need of safe and appropriate classrooms. The school property is large, and many primary age students attend in the 9 existing classrooms, with others learning in “rooms” in shipping containers and 15 makeshift classrooms outside against the perimeter wall.

In 2017, as part of the Initiative of the Commission of Parents and Guardians, 6 classrooms and their bathrooms were started, but funds ran out. With approximately 6,000 students from kindergarten to grade 6, the Ministry of Education, parents, and community are committed to giving these children access to education, but the school faces many difficulties and cannot accommodate them. They approached RISE, advocating for their children, and we are committed to partner to complete the school.

On a team visit in March, we were told that there are about 6000 kids at Lalula, attending in 9 dilapidated classrooms, 13 against the outside wall, 12 under tin roofs, and 28 in shipping containers. Construction of the 6 classrooms is underway. Rotary funded a well at the school site, and the kids are excited to have “clean, sweet water” and yet a huge need remains.

The school was completed and dedicated on Wednesday, December 13th. The need is huge, and the Mayor, Principal, teachers, parents, students, and community are thrilled to have these new classrooms! There was great celebration, speeches, including the traditional student speech, excitement, and gratitude. 

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