Santa Cruz Alta school

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June 2011
Dedication Year
November 2011
RISE International


RISE school at Santa Cruz Alta

A group of passionate and creative moms (Moms Educate Africa) share the yearning of Angolan parents to provide the basics of health, safety, opportunity and education for their kids. With a desire to make a difference, they met regularly, planned and hosted many creative fundraisers. Funds were combined with those from the 2011 Spring Appeal, and a school was built at Santa Cruz Alta, a place where there has never been a school. It was dedicated in November 2011. Santos, the tribal chief, shared that they “never dreamt they would have such a beautiful school! Please give our greetings and gratitude to those in the U.S. that made this possible!” Several from the U.S. Embassy in Angola visited the RISE-built school at Santa Cruz Alta in March of 2013, after winding up a steep path which only four-wheel drive vehicles can navigate. Hundreds of kids poured out of the school and surrounded the group, energized and excited. The guests were introduced, shared greetings and encouraged the students – there were smiles, photos, applause and thanks for such a special visit!

A small team again visited in May 2014, driving at dusk up a terrible “road” as the area is desperately dry, dusty and rocky. Extreme poverty is pervasive, but Santa Cruz Alta is a place where people are able to live outside the city. Weaving up and down, through billows of dust, the magnificent school comes into view. The principal had just left, but the school guard, along with his daughter who is a student, showed us 3 additional classrooms at the back – built with funds from the community. The school is well maintained, there is no litter, and trees planted as seedlings, have grown and offer some shade.

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