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December 2013
Dedication Year
August 2014
RISE International


sakapolo school

Construction of the 151st school, Sakapolo, began in February 2014. Sakapolo is about 5km from the main road, and 15km from Chinguar in the western Bie Province. For many years, both the community and local administration longed for a school for the children. Learning for 552 kids took place in very difficult conditions. . .they used 3 small mud brick classrooms with upright tree stumps as chairs, and also held class under trees.

The kids and community watched with excitement as the walls to the new school went up! Construction was completed in July, and the school was dedicated on Friday, August 15th, with great celebration. Students, families, community leaders, local administrators and representatives from the Ministry of Education participated in this special event. Students were given new “batas” or uniforms and each received a pair of TOMS shoes. The beautiful school has 7 classrooms, with office space for the teachers and principal, and bathrooms. Wonderfully, there is a well with clean water at the school site.

Interestingly, RISE built where there was nothing, and the local government is now following with investments, adding another school for grades 7 – 9, a health post and water tank. Angola has witnessed a migration to cities where people hope for a better life, but schools and health posts in rural areas encourage people to remain.

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Well at the school site
TOMS Shoes distribution

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