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May 2007
Dedication Year
July 2009


school at palanca

The school at Palanca, a village outside Lubango, sits amidst an expanse of rolling grassland where the Mwuila people, a semi-nomadic tribe live, and herd cattle and goats. Children in the area had never had a school.

Over 2,000 kids now sit in desks in a beautiful school, attending in 3 shifts. The Mwuila have no written language and students learn in Portuguese, the national language. US teams have visited Palanca several times, handing out toothbrushes in February 2009 that were donated by a Chicago area dentist, and conveyed greetings from many in the US who raised funds to help build their school, encouraging them to study hard on a July 2009 visit.

A shipping container, painted and loaded with school supplies and clothing by a passionate group in Tucson, sits at the school site in Palanca.

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Well funded through Willow Creek Community Church's Celebration of Hope

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We are currently fundraising to build the Lalula school. Our goal is to begin construction in 2022. This school will educate 1000 children.