Lucunga school

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January 2013
Dedication Year
April 2013
Maersk Oil Angola


front view of lucunga school
In partnership with Maersk Oil Angola, a comprehensive project, “Restore Hope” at the village of Lucunga, was built and dedicated in April 2013. The six-classroom primary school, includes offices for the teachers and principal, and bathrooms. It is lit by solar panels, has a well providing clean water, and a community garden as a sustainable source of food for the students. Children who had no school or learned under trees across the road, now have beautiful classrooms. As you round the curve on the dirt road, the beautiful new school comes into sight – a symbol of education, opportunity, and hope. The children and community are immensely grateful. On one visit, we arrived to find women and children at the well, also giving their cows water. They save hours each day as they no longer walk long distances to carry water from the river. . .  and it’s clean and clear, resulting in an immediate improvement in health. Children have constant access to clean drinking water, and the school is the perfect setting to educate about the importance of clean water, sanitation, health and nutrition. As a result of the school, the children and community have benefited in many ways. They have a beautiful school in which to learn, protected from sun, rain, wind and cold. Classrooms provide for the chance to focus, and facilitate learning. There is a school feeding program in addition to the garden, jobs for teachers, and a new pair of TOMS Shoes was distributed to each child.

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The school has a well, community garden, school feeding program.
TOMS Shoes distribution

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