Lixeira II school

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January 2012
Dedication Year
RISE International


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Lixeira sits on the edge of Lobito in a very dry, poor area. Several thousand students desperately needed a school, and RISE responded by building an 8 classroom school. With so many students, class was being held in three sessions to give more children a chance. The community is highly motivated and paid for a wall built around the perimeter of the school, as well as small trees to provide shade.

On a RISE team visit in July 2011, several were asked to meet with a small group of community leaders, who expressed deep gratitude for the school that had been built, the overwhelming need, their burden, and a request for more classrooms as hundreds could still not attend for lack of space. The leaders respectfully pleaded for education for their children – parents and communities longing to give their children what they have not had, longing to give them a better future. Their plight was told in the US and donors responded at the end of 2011 with funds to add 8 more classrooms.

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