Gama school

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January 2019
Dedication Year
May 2019
RISE International Local community EAC - ExxonMobil


Gama is a semi-urban area, where most live in poverty working as street-sellers, without access to healthcare, clean water or education. The parents and community were troubled by this reality and contributed money to begin to build 12 classrooms in hope of a better future for their children.

With more than 2000 kids at Gama, some under trees, some in temporary classrooms, and some with no opportunity, RISE was approached to see if we could help. Moved by their investment and commitment, RISE joined in the effort. Construction began in January and was completed in May. The parents, administration and community were thrilled, and dedicated the school. While waiting for the delivery of desks and chalkboards, students carry their stool or chair to sit on.

In response to the significant need and the commitment of the school administration, Ministry of Education, and community, RISE is building 8 more classrooms and an office block. The new classrooms are nearly finished, and are being used while construction goes on. There is immense gratitude – the Principal and Vice Principal are wonderfully supportive, expressed their gratitude and that of the community, as they “never dreamt they would receive such an incredible gift.”

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