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September 2022
Dedication Year
March 2024
Azule Energy


The Municipality of Huambo, capital of the Huambo Province, was one of the cities most affected during the war, especially during the post-electoral conflict, forcing its populations to take refuge in the Provinces of Huila, Namibe, Benguela, and Luanda. With the onset of peace, many decided to return to their homes, however they found the city and infrastructure destroyed.

The Dango neighborhood is located on the outskirts of the western part of the city. Azule Energy partnered with RISE to build a school there to begin to address the needs of over 700 children, giving them access to education. It is part of an initiative focused on promoting access to education, contributing to improving the quality of teaching by providing critical school infrastructure, and reducing the illiteracy and school drop-out rates in Huambo province. A ceremony with government and Ministry of Education officials, Azule Energy, RISE Angola, community leaders, parents, and students marked the beginning of the process with excitement and gratitude. RISE implemented the project to build the 10-classroom school, including furnishings, a multipurpose field, bathrooms, and a wall around the perimeter.

March 14, 2024 marked another celebration, this time one of dedication. The Provincial Governor of Huambo, Lotti Nolika, praised ANPG, Azule Energy, and partners of Block 18 for the construction of the school. Adriano Mongini, Azule Energy CEO, stated that, “we believe that investing in education is investing in the future. The delivery of this school is a testament to our commitment to sustainable development and the communities we serve.” Additionally, speeches by ANGP and Bloco 18 partners were given, along with messages of thanks from the administrator of the Huambo Municipality, Abias Costa’s family, the parents’ committee and the students, amid much joy and gratitude!

The school, Complexo Escolar nº 289 Abias Costa – Dango, is named in honor of Professor Abias Costa, now 80 years old, and a most outstanding teacher. He has a law degree, joined the education sector in 1973 as a teacher, and made a remarkable contribution to the teaching and learning process for hundreds of students.

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