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December 2017
Dedication Year
July 2018
RISE International Benguela Govt EAC - ExxonMobil


This is a location where RISE has committed to complete 15 unfinished classrooms started by the local government in 2014, before funding ran out. There are 12 existing classrooms, with the rest of the nearly 3000 students schooling outside, or in areas separated by sheets of tin. Teachers invest in the education of their students in harsh conditions, without classrooms, books or resources.

Construction was completed, with funding from RISE and the ExxonMobil Foundation, as part of our co-funding partnership with Educate A Child. The Monitoring and Evaluation component of the project, tracking the enrollment, attendance and retention of the students began in February 2018. A dedication ceremony took place on July 6th, celebrated by the Benguela Provincial Governor, two Vice-Governors, Ministers from Luanda, Provincial and Municipal Ministry of Education officials, ExxonMobil, RISE, teachers, students, parents and the community. The school was dedicated on Friday, and students and teachers moved to the new classrooms on Monday morning – a dream come true!

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We are currently fundraising to build the Lalula school. Our goal is to begin construction in 2022. This school will educate 1000 children.