Bundiangolo school

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Dedication Year
January 2017
RISE International, Cubal Government


bundiangolo school

A school was desperately needed at Bundiangolo, about 8 km south of the town of Cubal, where some “schooled” under trees or in three deteriorated mud block rooms. The local administration, grateful for partnership with RISE, joined us to build an 8 classroom school in this village, jointly funding the project.

Started in 2014, it had to be halted in 2015. Bundiangolo faced a unique situation and additional funds of $50,000 were needed to complete it. Due to the economic crisis in Angola, the final government disbursement was delayed for nearly a year, and the funds, once received, were worth half of their previous value, while prices had risen drastically. RISE had a significant investment, and the students waited, once again suffering because of where they live. The money was raised and this beautiful school was completed, and dedicated on January 23, 2017. The celebration was attended by the Provincial Governor of Benguela, many officials, the community, students and teachers. All are grateful for this amazing school and are thrilled to have an incredible facility. There are 875 students, 364 of whom are girls.

The government funded a well drilled by JAM (Joint Aid Management), and built a health post next to the school. A US team visited in April 2017 and established a library with grant funds from BP Angola – the students, teachers and administration are thrilled, as their dreams have come true. 

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