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November 2015
RISE International, Sonangol Marine Services


June 2016 visit to alto esperanca

Alto Esperanca means “high hope” and is located in a dry, desert-like area near Lobito in the Benguela Province. Many at Alto Esperanca fled from the inland area of Ngoa for safety when the war began in 1975, only to find added hardship, as they were used to farming which was not possible around Alto Esperanca. People in the area suffer from poverty and unemployment, but want to invest in the education of their children and change the future.

In desperate need of a school, there are an estimated 6,000 kids out of school in the area. Alto Esperanca is a joint effort, a public school with involvement of a local church and the Ministry of Education. The plan was to build an 8-classroom school, and as it is near the edge of Lobito, there is access to power which means there can be a 3rd shift of classes in the evening to accommodate more students.

A symbolic cornerstone was laid in September 2015, and children at Alto Esperanca looked forward to a new school! Through the efforts and generosity of Team RISE 2015, U.S. Schools and individuals, Sonangol Marine Services and partners, and the 2015 RISE Benefit, the school was funded and built in 2016. Though waiting for official paperwork from the government, over 400 students are enrolled with more to be given the opportunity in 2018.

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