day of the African child

Day of the African Child is celebrated on June 16th, every year since 1991 in memory of the student uprising on that day in 1979 in Soweto, South Africa, raising awareness of the continuing need for improvement in the fulfillment of the rights of African children, including access to education. It encourages people’s spirit of abundance to share something special with a child in Africa.

The Idea:

RISE wants to encourage you to gather your friends and family for a fun dinner (your choice of a casual or fancy dinner at home or out) with the goal of raising funds during this important time in RISE’s history when we are raising funds for a matching grant with Educate A Child, a program of Education Above All Foundation. This means your money goes further so it’s the perfect time to share your passion for RISE with others! Sign up and we will email you with next steps! 

Suggested Date:

The International Day of the African Child is Saturday, June 16, 2018 but you are welcome to host your dinner any day in June! Observation of this day is intended to raise public awareness of the need for education improvements in Africa.

What hosts will do:
  • Choose June 16 or another night in June to host your dinner
  • Create a guestlist of friends and family to invite
  • Provide dinner for your guests (or share preparation/ordering with your guests)
  • Collect a donation* from your guests to participate (easily collect on the evite via Pledgeling)
  • Share why RISE is important to you and a bit about RISE to your guests
What RISE will do:
  • Provide custom evite for you to adapt and send out (also helps collect donations so you don’t have to)
  • Send you RISE coasters and information cards to use at your event
  • Provide downloadable resources to have available at your dinner (optional)
  • Provide video link to show a video about RISE at your dinner (optional)
  • Support you in anyway possible so you feel prepared to host your fundraising dinner!

*It is completely up to you as the host, but we suggest you set an overall goal for the dinner (evite allows a spot for this) and then calculate how to reach your goal based on the number of guests you will have. It costs $350 to send one child in Angola to school so that is a great goal!