Njele school

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September 2017
Dedication Year
June 2018
RISE International Bie Government EAC - ExxonMobil


We worked to raise money to build a school at Njele with the help of many in the US, and in partnership with Educate A Child and the ExxonMobil Foundation. Located in the heart of Angola, just south of Kuito, in the Bie Province, Njele has more than 2000 children in the area, and has had access to education for only a few in tin rooms and under trees. The principal, teachers and community leaders have been burdened by the plight of their children, have longed for a school, and now hope for a better future with education for their kids.

A US team visited in November 2017 and was welcomed with a ceremony of thanks, with songs, dances and speeches. Meeting with the principal, teachers and community leaders, the process of tracking the enrollment, registration and retention of the students was laid out, and the Monitoring and Evaluation process began in 2018. All are excited for their new school which was dedicated on June 1st. Local officials, RISE Angola, administrators and teachers, students, families, and the community celebrated with joy and gratitude – a dream come true!

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