Calombinda school

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December 2019
Dedication Year
March 2021
BP Angola


Since 2012, BP Angola has been a generous and valued partner. BP Angola committed to fund two schools, one in Kwanza Norte and one in Benguela, and “the laying of the first stone” for a new school at Calombinda took place on January 27th, 2020. Calombinda is in the Casseque Commune, and is 22km from Ganda’s Municipal headquarters. The 7-classroom school, with bathrooms, an administrative area, water system, and sports court will give over 500 kids access to education in two shifts!

Construction was completed, and the school was inaugurated by the Provincial Governor, Rui Falcão, on March 1st, with excitement and gratitude. He called on the community, teachers and students to be the first to care for the school. The Governor encouraged teachers to spare no effort in providing knowledge to children, so that in the future there will be locally trained teachers, nurses, and doctors, and all can help the commune develop. He also thanked BP and Block 13, and all who had worked so diligently to build the school.


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We are currently fundraising to build the Lalula school. Our goal is to begin construction in 2022. This school will educate 1000 children.