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November 2020
Dedication Year
September 2021
BP Angola


The Cabaia neighborhood, located 8 kilometers south of the Catumbela Municipal Headquarters, resulted from the explosive population growth in and around the capital of the Benguela Province. The war, that ravaged the country over 27 years, meant that many from the interior areas found refuge in the commune of Catumbela, which offered security and some economic sustainability. Though the economic situation has further declined, many families preferred to continue to live in this area rather than return to the countryside – they live in poverty amidst harsh challenges, without access to clean water, sanitation, healthcare and education.

There is only a 2-room school, and no way to accommodate all the children that need access to education. Government authorities struggle with the lack of funds to address the situation, and it is the parents and community wanting education for their children, who have come together to build makeshift rooms. RISE Angola, in partnership with the local community and Municipal Administration of Catumbela, built a 20-classroom school 7 kilometers from Cabaia, and so the Municipal Administration and authorities of the Ministry of Education, contacted RISE Angola about the possibility of building another school.

The objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the basic social conditions of the population of Cabaia, and provide access to education for some of the more than 2000 children who are outside the education system. BP Angola is the funder of the project which will include 8 classrooms, an administrative area, water supply, and multipurpose field to serve school children and other residents. A ceremony to lay the first stone took place in November 2020, and construction moved forward.

The school was completed and dedicated on September 15, 2021, with a great celebration. The Benguela Governor, Administration and MOE officials, BP Angola President and the BP team, RISE Angola, village leaders, the community, teachers and school administration, parents, and students participated. All are grateful for the beautiful new school, and access to education for the children this year, and for many to come.

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