• Tucson students
    Run a race with friends
  • Wheeling HS
    Get your school involved
  • Cheer for Team RISE
    Cheer for Team RISE
  • Organize a fundraising event

get involved



Give our children’s book…  Ana from Angola goes to school …to kids, parents and teachers.

The book shows similarities and differences in schools around the world, teaches school-related Portuguese words, and helps build compassion by giving kids a way to take action.  

Book cost is $10 and a donation can be made in any amount you choose. We will include a book plate.

Contact us at rise@riseinternational.org with your mailing address and questions.  

donate now      


Together we can make a difference. Take action today and give a child the chance to go to school!

 raise awareness – read, learn, share, volunteer  •  organize a fundraiser around something you love – running, golfing, biking
  give a gift with lasting meaning for an anniversary, graduation or birthday  •  look at your spending – skip a dinner out to help a child

“Our community is the world – our countrymen are all mankind.”

William Lloyd Garrison