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January 2015
Dedication Year
September 2015
BP Angola & Partners


quipungo school

A new 6-classroom school was completed and dedicated at the Sendi Mission near Quipungo, in the Huila Province. BP Angola and Partners fundied the project and RISE Angola built the school. The location is remote, 13 km off the main road. The Sendi Mission was established in 1922, but was destroyed during the war. In 1997, the priest and several others returned and decided to rebuild. About 150 children live at the mission and will attend the new school along with children from the community.

A variety of indoor and outdoor spaces were used as makeshift classrooms, and all are excited to have a beautiful, new school. There are 795 students, though that number is expected to rise as others are continuing to enroll. Hundreds of children are out of school in the area because of the shortage of classrooms.

The Huila Governor visited on April 3rd with his team, and was amazed by the quality and efficiency of the process. A RISE team from the US visited the school in February, and again to celebrate the dedication of the school on Thursday, September 3. The Vice-Governor of Huila, government officials, the President of BP Angola, and a group representing BP Angola and Partners participated in the ceremony along with students, teachers, parents and the community. A wonderful program with speeches, plays, music and dancing marked this special day!

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