stories of angola

stories of Angola - Elias SaluassiElias Saluassi

Elias spent his early years in the Nangweshi Refugee Camp. When his family returned to their home in Chilonda, Elias studied at the RISE school and learned to read and write. He is now in grade 10 in Kuito, a larger town where there is a secondary school. He dreams of being an English teacher . . . “now I have a future. I have a hope that I can be someone.”

stories of Angola - Ana RosaAna Rosa

Ana lives with her aunt and two cousins. In her free time, she works in her aunt’s shop as they struggle to live. Three thousand children attend school with Ana at Lixeria, and were part of the TOMS Shoes distribution. Ana is excited about her new shoes because they are beautiful and comfortable. Prior to receiving her new TOMS shoes, Ana had only a pair of worn sandals. She believes it is important to wear her TOMS shoes everyday because they will protect her feet from cuts and injuries, and are a further encouragement for her to continue studying amidst difficult circumstances.