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RISE focuses on bringing the opportunity for education to children in remote, nearly inaccessible regions of Angola.

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Angola is a country of great contrasts – with bullet-ridden ruins and luxury highrises, excessive wealth for few and extreme poverty for many, and a pervasive hope amidst real desperation.

Located in southwest Africa, Angola is a country rich in natural resources and home to 26 million people. It was a Portuguese colony for nearly 500 years, then endured a brutal 27-year civil war which ended in 2002. The conflict left its cities, buildings and infrastructure decimated; its people displaced and suffering, most without access to clean water, healthcare and education.

RISE currently focuses its efforts in the Bie and Benguela Provinces (highlighted), and has built schools in Luanda, Huila, Huambo and Cuando Cubango Provinces.

RISE's history in Angola

meet Ana

Ana lives with her aunt and two cousins. In her free time, she works in her aunt's shop as they struggle to live. Three thousand children attend school with Ana at Lixeria, and were part of the TOMS Shoes distribution. Ana is excited about her new shoes because they are beautiful and comfortable. Prior to receiving her new TOMS shoes, Ana had only a pair of worn sandals. She believes it is important to wear her TOMS shoes everyday because they will protect her feet from cuts and injuries, and are a further encouragement for her to continue studying amidst difficult circumstances.

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It costs $350 to give a child in Angola the opportunity for education.
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