Cody’s Coin Drive

Cody's Coin Drive
Please help me raise enough money to send a child in Angola to school...

My goal is to raise $350!

After mommy and daddy read Ana from Angola goes to school to me, I learned that many kids in Angola don't have a school because hard things have happened there. But, I can do a coin drive to help raise money to help send a kid like me to school. My coin jar in my room is collecting money so if you visit, you are welcome to put your change in there but I know it would be easier for some of you to give money online. 

In the book, I learned that sometimes kids walk 30 - 90 minutes one way to school and even carry their own chair or stool to school. I can barely walk the one block to preschool carrying only my backpack. A lot of the kids have to help their families work in the fields and carry water. But, they are still excited to go to school and have the opportunity to learn.

RISE has built 159 schools sending over 106,000 children to school who otherwise would not have the opportunity for an education after Angola suffered a brutal 27-year civil war which ended in 2002. The conflict left its cities, buildings and infrastructure decimated; its people displaced and suffering, most without access to clean water, healthcare and education.

Please help me reach my goal!

Learn more about Ana from Angola goes to school, how to get a copy, and start your own coin drive!

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